Tips on: How to get into the Autumnal Spirit

Even though I myself am an autumn/fall lover, I understand it can be difficult to put away the sunglasses and the bright coloured clothes. Since the days get shorter and colder it’s a great excuse to buy new scarves, jumpers, fluffy socks and all those stunning berry lipsticks.

1.Break out all your knitted jumpers,boots,coats and jackets. Autumn truly starts when it begins to get cold again and you have to wrap up in loads of layers. I love layering jumper upon jumper when I go to town or out to the shops. Autumn is my favourite shoe season(Is that even a thing?). Everyone is wearing cute little boots and I’m not tripping over my feet like how I usually am, in summer wearing flimsy sandals. I love wearing my trusted winter coat for the first time,I feel like a coat ties the entire outfit together. One of my go to outfits for autumn is a jumper/coat,leggings and boots it’s so simple and I always feel season appropriate.

Autumnal Outfit

2.Time for hot coffee/hot chocolate or tea. Of course I love hot drinks all year round but in autumn they are an essential. I find tea to have such a calming effect on me and there is nothing better than coming in from the rain and making yourself a cup of tea. Also keeping yourself warm when you’re out and about drinking a latte.

3. Dark lipsticks. I don’t know how to describe it but there’s something about them. Even though you can wear vampy lips all year round, when it gets colder is really when you see everyone rocking them. Even though my lipstick collection is minimal I really love taking out my darker ones and wearing them for the first time. If you have a lipstick with a sheen apply a translucent matte powder over it to make a matte looking lipstick.

My Lipstick Samples

4. There’s nothing more soothing than sitting on the couch wrapped up in a blanket applying nail varnish. Once again the darker colours are taken out and so are the matte top coats. Around Halloween I love all the different nail art too, even though I’m pretty rubbish at it. Also one of my favourite things to do is to match my nail colour to my lipstick.

5. When it begins to get cold again is when it’s time to new fluffy pyjamas and fluffy socks. I always buy pyjama pants that are too big for me because I find these to be the most warm and cosy . I find myself wearing fluffy socks to school and if ever I’m looking for a Christmas present for others I find I can never go wrong with fluffy socks.

Cosy Socks

6. It could be a perfume, a body spray or a candle, I think everyone has a certain scent that reminds them of autumn, So why not wear it all day? If you have a certain mist that reminds you of autumn wear it or light your favourite cosy candle. The scents that remind me of autumn are spices,coffee,leaves and burning wood. Whenever I smell these I always feel in the autumnal spirit.

7.Autumn/winter make-up has to be my favourite make-up. My everyday go to autumn look would be a crease with loads of depth, here I usually apply matte colour upon matte colour, I love deep dark eyes in this season,I feel it’s the time when you can experiment the most with dark browns, purples, greys and blacks. Since the weather isn’t as warm I find I can wear more full coverage foundations because they sit better on my skin at this time of the year and they don’t slide off my face.


8. Finally if you still have to summer blues I find whipping out a Halloween movie will snap you into the spirit. I know I’m not alone when I say Hocus Pocus is my favourite movie around this time. I also love all the older Disney movies like Halloweentown and Twitches. I personally can’t wait for Halloween I think that might be one of the reasons I love autumn so much.


So what are you waiting for? Go grab a cup of tea, light your favourite candle, snuggle up on the couch and watch your favourite movie and enjoy the rest of the season.

Much Love,

Laura x


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