Tips on: How to make the most of the New Year

Considering its a few days after New Year’s I’m sure many of your New Year’s resolutions have already gone out the door. I am not a believer in New Year’s resolutions to be honest, they never really work for me. This happens mostly because if you break the resolution once you think well this years ruined maybe next year. Every new year I set my mind to something but I don’t consider it a resolution, more like a simple life change or a daily challenge.

1. ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ or ‘I’ll start tomorrow’. We all say it and we all know we are lying. I find the best time to start something is when the good idea first comes into my head, be that in the morning midday or at night, for example you want to get fit. You come up with the idea at 11pm and you’re after eating Roses all day and you say ‘I’ll start tomorrow’, so what if its 11pm ? Start right then do 20 jumping jacks or 10 sit-ups or run up and down the stairs a few times. That is more then you will have done if you waited until the morning. Also whatever daily task you decide to follow, if you break it it’s okay. Don’t think of it as a new years resolution , see it as a new day, hour or minute resolution. So say to yourself I broke it last hour or minute but I will go this hour or minute without breaking it. Taking it small bit by small bit will make it easier, whatever it is.

2. Stay hydrated! It’s so simple, but it is such a simple change for such a big benefit. Besides the obvious health benefits, drinking water keeps your skin hydrated and cleaner. It could be just me but I feel drinking plenty of water just generally makes me feel better. I would suggest buying a re-usable bottle of water, filling it up and bringing it everywhere.


3. Become more adventurous regarding make-up and fashion. I find myself getting stuck in the same three outfits for each season, I’m not saying go out and buy a new wardrobe, but to use items you already own but hardly ever wear. Start your spring clean early this year and clean out your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to make your own fashion trends this year! Change up your usual make-up habits also. If you constantly wear warm toned shades try to make cooler tones work too. Or add a bright eye shadow to your go to look or find a way to re invent it. Maybe set a make-up goal? This could be even to wear less make-up. For me winged liner is my enemy at the moment but I intend to perfect it soon. These are some of my brighter shades that I need to wear more.


4. Try to get more fresh air. I find it always put me in a better mood when I go for a 20 minute walk or run, it clears you mind or sometimes fills it with inspiration and ideas. This is ideal in between homework, an essay or when you just feel fed up. You could go walking with a friend or enjoy the quietness of walking alone. Perhaps on your walk you could pick up a seed from the ground, plant it and watch it grow, this might sound odd, but I did this last year and found it extremely satisfying to have grown a small plant from a tiny seed.



5.Improve your skincare. Drinking water will definitely help with this. Just try to take better care of your skin by exfoliating and moisturising your body and face. I try to exfoliate once a week, this year I’m trying to improve and to remember more often to do this too. This is important because this cleans away old dead skin cells leaving new ones. I moisturise my body usually after I shower. I moisturise my face around twice a day (usually in the morning and at night). Don’t forget to remove your make-up before bed and before you shower, you can do this with a cleanser and cotton rounds. Recently after purchasing a new skincare product a salesperson told me how delighted they were that I was taking care of my skin at a young age and that I would thank myself at 30. I don’t believe everything I hear but this makes sense to me. I’m not saying to buy expensive face products but to do what you feel keeps your skin in best condition.

6.  Simply do more of what makes you feel good and happy. This is something easy to say but do what you love. If you love to sing, just sing to your hearts content, stop caring about what others think about you! Generally being nicer to people is a good way to start, if you make other people feel good about themselves you in turn will feel better. What is in the past happened in the past, leave it there and move on because you cannot change the past. Tomorrow is another day, but don’t wait until tomorrow to seize the day.


I wish you all a wonderful New Year 2016. And if you are keeping a New Year’s resolution I wish you all the best! For me I’m taking day by day, just a little reminder,  whatever your small task might be to start now. Maybe pour a glass of water?

Much love,

Laura x





2 thoughts on “Tips on: How to make the most of the New Year

  1. What a bight of fresh air, your hints made me laugh. I immediately went for a glass of water. I think I might have alot in common with you. C,ant wait for your next post (adventure).


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