Collective Drugstore Make-up Haul

With my birthday and Easter being closer than ever to each other this year I have found myself with a little extra cash than usual, so of course anything I see, I buy and now I have no money again. Over the past two weeks I have been picking up a few products from the Drugstore, all from Boots and Sam McCauleys Pharmacy. I put them all together and made a collective haul, I have been testing them out for a small time so these are my first impressions/second impressions. (I am no make-up guru so if something works for you that I dont like keep using it, we all have different skin types etc, my opinions are based on my experience with the products)12896320_805537949576499_515554382_o

  1. SEVENTEEN – Define and Conquer powder contour kit in Fair.

If you follow me on Instagram (lodlaur) you will see I posted a photo of this contour kit. This packaging is very similar to Nars packaging which is always a bonus. The duo comes with a medium warm brown for contouring and a light cream for highlighting, both of the shades are matte. The contour shade is a little warmer than what I usually like to contour with, but I am really loving it.I have been using the cream colour shade to set my under eye concealer and to brighten them up and it makes a great brow bone natural highlight. I prefer a more shimmery cheekbone highlight so I don’t use this as my cheek bone highlight. Overall I love this duo, seventeen is impressing me so much lately, and it is definitely on the more affordable drugstore side. There are two shades available: Fair and Medium and is €8.49 in Boots , I got mine for under €7 as there was offers on that day; but even at €8.49 I think it is well worth it.




2. SEVENTEEN – Cheeks and Eyes brushes.

I noticed these in Boots, there were four brushes their, Cheeks, Eyes, Lips and Angled Eyeliner. The two I got are soft, really good at applying the product, they haven’t lost any bristles and they are so affordable. At €4.49 for the Cheek brush and €2.99 for the eye brush you really cannot go wrong. Pick them up if you see them !12919571_805535269576767_1164660373_o


3. SLEEK – Brow Stylist in Dark.

I first purchased this because I thought that it looks similar to Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer. I don’t own both so I can’t compare the two, but I am really happy that I picked it up. Most brow product I use are actually to light for my brows and on the warmer side when I swatched this in the shop I was really excited about the colour it just looked bang on. It comes in Light, Medium and Dark so for one of the three shades to match my brows its a miracle. I would describe it as a medium/cool toned dark brown. Being so used it gel I found that I overdid it quickly with this twist up type product. So far I have been using it on the days when I want something more natural looking but still want something, for me this gives me this pigment I want, if your eyebrows tend to move you will still have to use and eyebrow gel afterwards. And a little bonus it also comes with a spoolie! This was €7.99 in Boots and if you can find one that matches your eyebrows I would go for it.12722762_805536896243271_1584454782_o.jpg



4. COLLECTION – Lasting Perfection Concealer in 1 Fair.

This is a re-purchase of mine. I use this or the Urban Decay weightless concealer almost every time I do my make up. I do find this a little difficult to blend however. I’m not sure about 16 hours, but it does last long. I tried using a darker shade to contour with but I found that even more difficult to blend and couldn’t make it work. In my Boots there are 4 shades available. I always set concealer with a form of powder. I love this product for under my eyes, down my nose and my chin. I wouldn’t recommend trying to contour with a darker shade however.But at €5.79 you can’t really go wrong.12919551_805537099576584_1345899496_o.jpg


5. RIMMEL – Matte Lipstick by Kate Moss in 110.

I own a good few of these Rimmel Kate lipsticks and I always enjoyed them. The packaging is fairly sturdy and I think it looks pretty. I was looking for a new coral/red type shade and I always looked at this shade in Boots but I always thought it was a weird mix and wouldn’t look flattering. Eventually I picked it up and I haven’t worn any red lipstick since, it is a perfect Spring red, it dries semi-matte to me ,but it will transfer. This is  €7.49 and well worth it.12896444_805535389576755_1613364915_o.jpg



6. RIMMEL- Exaggerate lip liner in 104 Call me Crazy.

I bought this purely to match the 110 lipstick, this is slightly redder in tone but they go pretty well together. This type of lip liner twists up as opposed to a pencil liner, I would recommend twisting up as little as possible because I have broken up small bits from twisting up to much. The colour is extremely pigmented and pretty even on its own. I use lip liner to make my lipstick last longer, if you don’t mind topping up once or twice I would say to get one or the other.I paid less than €3 for this on sale but it is usually €5.49 I think that this is still pretty affordable.12914974_805537036243257_346383042_o.jpg



7. L’OREAL – Brow Artist Plumper in Clear.

I wanted to get this in my own eyebrow colour because so many beauty bloggers/ youtubers have raved about how good this is for filling in the small spots you miss when filling in your eyebrows. They had no dark available that day so I picked up the clear. For me it keeps my eyebrow hairs in place, but mine don’t tend to move much anyway so wouldn’t know how it would preform on someone else. The applicator is a nice size. I will continue to use it but for me there is nothing holy grail about it, yet anyway. I still want to try out the one in my colour. This was €8.49 in Boots , if you’re going for a more natural look I would try this one out.12903449_805537239576570_602733765_o.jpg


8. CATRICE – All round contouring palatte.

Some one I know had this and it was practically empty so I thought I would try this. I got it just for the contouring shades because I am not a fan of cream concealer I prefer liquid.The swatches look so nice but so far it hasn’t been working. I put some on my face and blend it in with my real techniques sponge and there is nothing on my face. It doesn’t blend into the skin it just blends away. With a brush its a bit better some of the pigment does stay on my face. I don’t know maybe I’m using it wrong? If you have ever tried this product let me know. This was €4.50 from Sam McCauleys Chemists, I’m going to keep trying it for now but I’m not a fan of it at the moment.12896237_805537496243211_2098905374_o.jpg


9. MAYBELLIENE – Dream Velvet Soft- Matte Hydrating Foundation.

I will be doing a review dedicated to this new product soon so keep and eye out for it, but I am enjoying this so far! (€11.99) at Boots.12914813_805537889576505_117621585_o.jpg

Let me know if you want anything more like this. Really hope you all enjoyed this collective haul for more affordable products, if you would like to get notified whenever I post please follow my blog ,and I hope you all have a lovely day!

Much love,

Laura x


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