OFRA Liquid Lipstick Collab/MANNYMUA Review and Swatches

Hello everybody!  I ordered MANNYMUA’s collaboration with OFRA cosmectics and I’m going to review and swatch them.I posted a picture on them on my instagram (lodlaur) a little while ago and it is now time for the blog post ! Manny is a beauty youtuber and you can find him on his youtube channel if anyone is wondering, but this review is going to be completely based on the products.

Just as a quick little update also, to check if my beauty products are cruelty free I use the logical harmony list that you can find online. Sometimes I just rely on what it says on the packaging also. According to the logical harmony list (currently) OFRA Cosmetics is cruelty free which I am delighted to hear about!

So lets get into it. The collab consists of 3 liquid lipsticks – Aries, Charmed & Hypno. On my skin tone Aries is a light nude/pink shade. Charmed is a deeper pink with slight brown undertones and Hypno on me looks like reddy purple.



The formula of the liquid lipsticks is almost creamy, it is like a whipped texture. I find that one coat of the liquid lipstick is enough and it is not patchy at all. The liquid lipstick dries to a matte formula, but I would have to say that the lipstick never dries completely. There is always a sort of tacky feeling which is actually nice on the lips because when it comes to taking your make-up off at the end of the day it doesn’t feel like your lips have taken a trip to the Sahara Desert :’).



The liquid lipsticks are described as long lasting and I would agree that they do last long. One thing about them is that they do transfer,so if you have a coffee cup you will have a ring of lipstick around it. So eating/drinking does remove some of the liquid  lipstick. The transferring is something that does disrupt the longevity of the liquid lipstick but for a day in town its fine.










The liquid lipsticks were just under the €20 mark each but as a set of three I think they were only €50 which is a saving of €10 so not too bad. I also used MANNYMUA’s discount code which made the liquid lipsticks only €35 which is pretty amazing. After the postage costs to Ireland it came back up to under the €50 mark. I would agree that €50 on three liquid lipsticks is still a little pricey but being the impulse buyer I am, well a discount is a discount! They arrived to my house after about a week and a half which is amazing for delivery from America, they arrived so fast. They came in a little cardboard box and were wrapped in bubble wrap. They came to me unharmed so I was really happy about that. Overall I had no problems with the delivery and the product on arrival.

These liquid lipsticks are so comfortable to wear, They don’t wash me out, they apply really well , the packaging is really sleek and feels luxurious. I am really happy I bought them, these will transition with me through summer, autumn, winter and spring!

Have a wonderful day 🙂

Much love,

Laura x


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