From where I stand I see

The switch to cruelty free make-up so far has been pretty smooth, I am happy with the choice I have made and overall being happy with my choices is what’s important. I use the logical harmony list for the majority of products as well as reading labels.

Clothing on the other hand has been much more difficult. I went around to a few shops in my area asking employees where the clothes were manufactured and I have read a few bits on-line etc. It feels like where my clothing is coming from is such a grey area. Does anyone know any useful websites on this ?

From where I stand

From where I stand this is what I see.

My shoes I bought in Spain and were hand-made in Spain. I didn’t know anything about the brand Gaimo but the woman selling them to me made me feel there was no foul play.

My pants and top are both from Only, with the top bring made in Bangladesh and the pants from Cambodia. Only,as far as I know are owned by a company called Bestseller,on their website they have a lot to say about their workers conditions and I feel they are more honest than other highstreet stores. Once again I could just be gullible,but I feel more comfortable buying from here.

Do you have any tips for shopping ethically ?

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer!

Much love,

Laura x


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