The Importance of Privacy

Hello Everybody!

This might seem like a little bit of a weird post but I have been thinking about this for ages and I feel like its something that has to be said.

Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook including this blog are all internet platforms that I watch, like, subscribe on, on the daily. And I feel like privacy is a big issue. It may not feel like a big deal to some people to put a picture of someone else on their story or on facebook etc, but permission is a big deal for me.

Before I post a picture I always think, who in the world can see this, is this inappropriate, how will the other people in the pictures feel ? If someone covers their face with their hand they clearly don’t want to be in a picture. I almost always look in the background of my pictures also to make sure I’m not showing anyone who doesn’t want to be on camera.

This might sound weird but social media makes me uncomfortable sometimes when I see people posting screenshots of conversations or invading other peoples privacy and I always feel the need to get involved in things that aren’t my business, believe me I wish I could just ignore some things.

So even though I’m not an expert or anything these are a few things I think might help a little:

  1. Ask permission- This is so important. No permission, no picture.
  2. Sharing is not always caring- Keep private things to yourself. Clicking the submit/post/send button could change your life or someone else’s.
  3. Take it down- If someone asks you to remove something or blur or untag something that’s their privacy, if someone ever asked me to remove a picture of me and them I would.
  4. Put your accounts on private- This one is pretty simple watch out for yourself, if you only want your friends to see your pictures or statuses keep it that way. Sometimes for blog purposes my accounts change from public to private but I think for a while I will be keeping it private.
  5. Ask parents permission- This is so so so important. If a parent does not want a photo of their child online or anywhere (even if it’s your relation), this is just a no go. Ask permission.
  6. No Location- Everyone is loving that you can now share where you are having a meal or on holidays but this for me is a no if you like to keep your life a little private, because you can literally click the location and see it on google maps, if you’re comfortable with that then that’s your business.
  7. It was only a joke- People re-act differently! I could be okay with a picture of me and someone else could be horrified. Come on guys embarrassing others on social media or in group-chats is just not cool. If ‘it was only a joke’ or ‘it was a dare’ is your excuse you should think twice and then if your still thinking about posting it think some more.
  8. Let’s show everyone that although the internet and social media can be dangerous we as a generation do not abuse it and prove that it can be a beneficial resource.

I’m sure I, myself have made a few privacy mistakes and I know I have posted a picture of someone in the background unaware, but the internet is forever, you have to protect yourself and others. Learn from mistakes and be careful.

Sorry for the serious note, but this is something that I have been extremely aware of recently and I think private life is so important for our social media age.

If you have any other tips I forgot to mention leave them below to help people out because as I said I am not an expert and some things mentioned you may or may not agree with.

Time for a cup of tea for me now anyways!

Have a fabulous day and put your phone down and go outside! I know I need to :’)

Much love,

Laura x


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