Tips on: How to Survive the Back to School Season

Considering this year will be my last going ‘back to school’, I feel like I have learned a few things that help me get through a time that a lot of people dread. Keep in mind I am not an expert and can only give tips on what applies to my own experiences.

1: Get Organised

You could be starting school in a few days but it’s still not too late! Get all your textbooks ready with your name on them etc. Find your uniform that you hid away in June and put it in the wash or iron it, I always find that I feel more ready when my uniform is neat and I know exactly where it is. Buy your last bits of stationary such as copies, pens, erasers. When you have all your materials gathered store them in a place where you won’t lose them. Get your schoolbag ready for day 1 of school so you won’t have to panic the morning of your first day.

2. How will you lunch ?

If you will be making your own lunches for school see what you have in your cupboards and make a mental note of what you would like to bring with you. This way you won’t be left hungry in school because ‘there was no food in the house’. For water, I usually use a reusable BPA free water bottle , I find this convenient because you can fill it up every morning easily before you go to school and you wont be searching for a new bottle everyday, this also reduces water bottle wastage, I use one reusable bottle a week while someone else might go through 5 non reusable.

3. What will you need day 1?

Some schools don’t have a full day of school when you first go back so you might not need all of your books on the first day. This is the mistake I made day 1 of first year, I jammed all of my school books into my bag and lugged it around for the half day when we didn’t end up doing any writing at all. So find out from your school what will you need and go from there. If you do have a full day day 1 check your schedule and what classrooms you’re in and prepare accordingly.

4. Set your alarm early/ Go to bed early

The first day of school is not a good day to be late. It gets the ball rolling and sets a tone for the year if you arrive to school on time, especially the first day. Wake up with plenty of time to get everything done so you feel prepared for your first day. Set up a routine for yourself maybe you want to shower in the mornings before school or you want to walk the dog etc. Make sure to eat breakfast ! You might feel sick from the early morning or just the thought of going to school, but try to have something that will you give energy for the day.

5. Feel clean

See everyday as a new start, if yesterday was a bad day wash it off you! Aside from having a clean and neat uniform, I feel personal hygiene is important and helps you to feel ready for each day of school. So do whatever makes you feel clean in the morning be that showering or using deodorant. Brush your teeth in the morning also to add to the clean feeling.

6. Pay attention from class number 1

From first year I always found that the first class with every teacher is one of the most important. Your teacher will usually lay down the rules of her/his classroom and share what they expect of you throughout the year. It’s important to listen day 1 because you know where you stand and you know what is expected of you, you also have a mental plan of what to expect for the year.

7. Set a standard

Know what your teachers expect of you and know what you expect of yourself. Set your own standard as to what you can achieve regarding studying and strive to maintain what you set out for yourself. Make sure your goals are achievable and if you fail try again, school is not there to make you hate everyday of your life, school is the means through which you get an education, something which you should make as enjoyable as possible. You are more important than a percentage.

8. Make a good first impression

This regards people in your class and your teachers. Show your teacher that you listen in her/his class and be polite. I’m not saying you have to be the teachers best friend, but respect is a two way street. The same goes for people in your class, you may not like everyone and everyone may not like you but you are all in the same boat so be nice and treat your classmates with respect too.

9. Find something you love

It could be a subject, your favorite pen or maybe just lunch-time. Although you may not adore every class try to find at least one good thing about each class that you love and hold on to that thing if you really can’t stick it that day. Replace your negative feelings towards a class/school into positive ones.

10. Pick the positive

After what might seem as one of your worst school days , find at least one thing you can say that you liked, didn’t mind or could at least tolerate, because this way you will have found your silver lining and a bad day could turn into a bad day with a good moment.

I hope this helps anyone in any year going back to school, or  anyone starting in first year. If you feel this could help someone you know let them know 🙂

This day last year is when I decided to make my blog , so although my first ever post only happened in October this is the day when it all began 🙂 Also I have been tweaking my website recently so let me know what you all think of it !

Have a wonderful back to school season,

Much love,

Laura x



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