Colourpop Mini Haul and First Impressions

Colourpop recently started shipping internationally and about the time of Black Friday International Shipping was free. Shipping was $25 before that so I bought a few things I had wanted previously. Also I received a new camera for Christmas and I am loving using it so far, so I hope you all enjoy the pictures! This might be helpful to you if you were pondering buying items from Colourpop lately. Also Colourpop is currently on ‘logical harmony’, under the cruelty free list.


‘Creme Gel Pencil’

I picked up their black pencil in ‘Swerve’ and Kathleenlight’s collab with them in the shade ‘Mr. Bing'(Kathleenlights is a beauty youtuber).Swerve is your typical black eyeliner and Mr. Bing is a red under-toned brown eyeliner. I bought Swerve because I had no cruelty-free black liner for my water line. As for Mr. Bing, I bought it because I saw it in Kathleen Lights’ video and the colour really appealed to me . Overall I find that the eyeliners don’t really stay on my waterline but tend to fall lower under my eye. I think I can still make them work though.They didn’t seem to be working well for me when I took these pictures but, in person I feel like I can see them more clearly.The eyeliners were $5 each, so that’s under €5 per eyeliner which I think is well worth the price.


‘Creme Gel Colour’

I bought one gel eyeliner in the shade ‘Swerve’. This is the same colour as the eyeliner in a gel form. When I got it first to make it more easy to work with I added some beauty oil to it. I have to say I’m not a fan of this liner because I found it transferred quite a lot when I wore it and for my hooded eyes eyeliner that transfers is a no. The colour is extremely pigmented and I found it easy to work with after the drop of beauty oil. I don’t know if the oil changes the formula and made it transfer (it might have). These are under €6 but I don’t think this one is for me regardless. For anyone with hooded eyes I might give this one a miss.


Eye shadow

I picked up two shadows in ‘Elixir’ and ‘Central Perk’. Both shades are matte shadows. Elixir is a light/medium orange colour and Central Perk is a warm toned deep purple. I think both shades are gorgeous and really easy to wear. The texture of the shadows are so unique, when you touch them they’re like a cream shadow but when you apply they turn to powder. Elixir is my favourite out of the two as I have worn it almost everyday since I got it, it’s a really nice transition/crease colour. Mostly I’ve been using Central Perk on my outer corner to add some depth to the look. I find this colour a bit difficult to blend though. It seems that where ever I placed it on my lid is where it would stay and not blend out much. Still though I will continue to work with it but just try to be more precise . These shadows are just under €5 each and I think that they are well worth it.


Pearlized Highlighter 

I chose the shade ‘Wisp’ as I heard loads of people rave about it on Youtube. For under €8 it’s definitely worth it.The shade is gold/champagne. I wouldn’t recommend it for someone of my skin tone, I feel like it is too dark for me on tan free days. I used this while I had self tanner on a few weeks back and it looked gorgeous.I’ve been using this as an eyeshadow in the centre of my lid for the highlighted look also.If you have a deeper skin tone  I think this would look lovely. This also has the same unique texture of the eyeshadow, which also means its prone to accidents, as the side of the container fell in to it by accident and left a mark. The shadows/highlighter are delicate in that sense.


Ultra Satin Lip

 For me, I feel like the trend of matte lips is slowly become less prominent and glossy/satin lips are coming back in. I personally prefer a satin/natural lip texture no matter what the colour. I picked up the shade ‘Magic Wand’ and it hasn’t left my bag since. All of the writing has rubbed off because I’ve been using is so frequently and I only got it about 3/4 weeks ago. I think it’s the perfect mauve/light pink and the satin finish make it look even better. My lips don’t feel dry or sore after I take it off so that’s a big plus for me. I find that the satin lip does transfer and will come off while eating and drinking, but topping up is something I do with most, if not all lip products anyway, so that wasn’t a deal breaker for me. This was just under €6 which is a complete bargain and I would definitely buy more of these again.


That is all ! Thanks for reading and I hope this helped any of you who were considering buying anything from Colourpop, or I hope you enjoyed if you were just curious to see what I got . Have a safe New Years Eve and here’s to a brilliant 2017!

Much Love,

Laura x


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