Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation V Naked Skin Foundation/ Which one should you buy?

Hello! I recently went to an Urban Decay advanced masterclass in my local Debenhams and the price of the masterclass was redeemable in product and so I decided to pick up the Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation. When I did the Urban Decay make-up course around 2 years back I picked up the Naked Skin foundation for the first time. I liked it then but I didn’t know any better,or worse since it was probably my third foundation ever. After I finished it I stuck to trying out different foundations and never bothered repurchasing it. Then around about the time the All Nighter foundation came out I decided to go for it and get a colour that matched my natural skin tone since most of my foundations were too dark for me. I remember the first time I used it I was not impressed because it oxidized on my skin, hence making it darker and I already had enough darker foundations. However seeing a few people really liked it I started using it a little more often. Then by the time the masterclass came around I said I would finally repurchase the original Naked Skin foundation. So I’m going to compare both foundations and try them on 🙂

I wore both foundations for around 4 hours for the purpose of the post. I know that doesn’t show whether or not they’re long lasting,but really I just wanted to give mini try-on reviews of both of them. If you were thinking of buying one but you didn’t know which one you would prefer this could help you with your decision, or maybe this could help you to decide that neither would suit you.

According to logical harmony Urban Decay is currently cruelty-free. Also according to UD’s website both products are Vegan, if anyone was curious.


So I applied the All Nighter foundation on one half of my face and the Naked Skin foundation on the other half. My face was  not primed and I had washed and dried it around 30 minutes beforehand . I used a Wet n Wild Flat Top Brush to apply both foundations and I used the Real Techniques Blending Sponge to go over that just to remove any extra product and make everything look more blended. I cleaned the brush off a tissue in between applications as well to try and make my face 50/50 with the two different foundations. I used shade 1.0 in both foundations. I used one pump of each to cover half of my face.


I added the above picture to show the oxidation of the UD All Nighter foundation. The lighter colour is the foundation just freshly applied and the darker next to it is the same foundation pumped out 5 minutes previous.

I don’t have any pictures of the two foundations straight after application for some reason but here is 4 hours later, it looks pretty much the same as it did after application anyway to be honest !DSC_0368.JPG

With flash 17380035_1012946652168960_135859515_o.jpg17380016_1012946612168964_1645096519_o.jpg

I wore the UD Naked Skin on its own the next day, here it is just to compare.


Comparison & Review

  • So the All Nighter foundation definitely is a fuller coverage than the Naked Skin, the  UD website says that it has around 3 times more pigment.
  • The All Nighter oxidizes noticeably however I didn’t really notice if the Naked Skin foundation did or not.
  • From far away the All Nighter looks more flawless and more blurring however up close it never fully looks completely blended into the skin, it looks like a coat on the skin whereas the Naked skin blends into the skin and looks less like a coat of foundation. The All Nighter doesn’t look bad up close by all means though.
  • As for flashback, it seems like they both have a little? I’m not sure whether or not my camera is too close though. They don’t have SPF in them I don’t think ( I don’t think that SPF is the main cause of flashback though)
  • For some reason on the skin the All Nighter feels a little powdery and the Naked Skin feels a tiny bit powdery but not nearly as much.
  • The finish for the All Nighter is matte and the Naked Skin is demi-matte.
  • One thing I will say about the All Nighter is that me and one of my friends bought it for another one of my friends for her birthday and when she uses the foundation with flash her skin looks very yellow and the foundation sets really noticeably into any small line on her face. This didn’t happen with me but I have seen it happen to her multiple times with flash and we can’t figure out why (we are the same age for reference but she does use a darker shade 4.0 I think).
  • The All Nighter foundation has a thicker creamier consistency and the Naked Skin foundation has a liquid consistency but they both blended out easily for me.
  • Both foundations come in 24 shades according to the UD website.
  • At Debenhams The All Nighter costs €35 and the Naked Skin costs €34.50 (according to their website), I don’t really know why they would put a 50 cent difference between their prices, I find this quite funny for some reason :’)
  • They both contain 1 fluid ounce of product.
  • Personally I prefer the finish of the Naked Skin and the colour of it since it does not oxidize.
  • If you were looking to only buy one I would recommend the Naked Skin because you could always put on a second layer if you wanted a bit more coverage, plus I mean save 50 cent and buy five 10 cent jellies :’).

And that is all I believe, If you have any questions about either foundation leave me a comment ! I hope this has been helpful to anyone who wasn’t sure which one to go for, or if you just wanted to have a snoop. A big thanks goes out to my mom for taking the pictures for me again ❤ Also I recently created a littlemisslaur page on Facebook so please like and follow me there if you haven’t already the link will be somewhere to the right of this post .

Have a great  St. Paddy’s weekend!

Much love,

Laura x







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