Black Liquid Eyeliners : Which one should you buy?

Hello Everyone ! I have been hoarding a few black liquid liners(and one colourful one) over the past few months and trying them out for this post. I feel like the one question people always want to know the answer to is which is the best black liquid eyeliner. It is hard enough trying to get the wings right let alone not having a good liner in the first place. All of the liners I put to the test are cruelty-free and are drugstore/affordable options except for one that is slightly more expensive. All opinions are my own and are subjective to my own experience if a liner that didn’t work for me works for you that’s cool too.


Names listed from left to right

‘Wet n Wild megaliner’ – Black

‘NYX Felt Tip Liner’ – Extreme Black

‘the Balm Schwing’ – Black

‘Wet n Wild proline’ – Black

‘Barry M Liquid Eyeliner’- Ebony

‘NYX Vivid Brights’ – Vivid Fire

‘Barry M Blink Waterproof liner’ – Black


‘Wet n Wild megaliner’ – Black – €3.99

I would have to say that this is probably my favorite out of all of the liners. It has good colour payoff and the intensity of the black is better that a few others as well. The tip of the liner is easy enough to work with and you can actually get a decent wing. One of my eyes is really sensitive and tends to water, I ‘m not sure if this liner provokes that but it does run when my eye waters. All in all though this is definitely one of the better liners.


‘NYX Felt Tip Liner’ – Extreme Black – €8.89

Being honest I really didn’t like this liner. The day I bought it when I got home I swatched it straight away and I was so confused, the liner comes out a bluey/green colour. It was certainly far away from the ‘extreme black’ colour that was written on the packaging. I might have just gotten one from a bad batch but I could never get over the blue /green colour and I have never actually worn it outside the house. I would give this one a skip personally.

DSC_0565.JPGLiner 2

‘the Balm Schwing’ – Black – €15.50

This liner is the most expensive out of them all, but I still don’t think that it is crazy expensive. This liner has been hyped about quite a bit on social media especially for it’s matte black colour. The tip on this liner is really fine so it is especially easy to get a proper sharp winged liner. My one complaint would be that it doesn’t last on my eyes as long as I would like it too. It tends to crumble away throughout the day and I can’t rely on it if I’m going out at night.


‘Wet n Wild proline’ – Black – €4.49

When I first got this it was one of my immediate favorites. The tip is easy to work with and you get a good black colour payoff. This tip dried out so quickly though so I only got around 4/5 proper uses out of it. It still works but the very tip of the pen is really dry and causes the pen to skip on the eye, I’m really disappointed because while the pen worked it was definitely one of the best.


‘Barry M Liquid Eyeliner’- Ebony – €6.99

I hate to say this but this liner for me was a complete mess. The colour intensity isn’t really there and while applying I got some dark grey spots and then lighter spots, it just really didn’t work for me colour wise, I think the formula is too watery(On the boots website there is a Black version of this liner as opposed to Ebony, however Ebony was the only colour available to me at the time so maybe the black would have a better payoff, I don’t know). The tip is difficult to work with. Sadly worst of all this burned my eyes so it is safe to say that I am not going to return to this product. If you have sensitive eyes I would stay away from this liner.


‘NYX Vivid Brights’ – Vivid Fire – €7.75

This was definitely an impulse buy of mine, the warm weather was coming and I was thinking of doing an all red look for festival make-up or something similar. I was really disappointed by this product though. The applicator is really nice and applies the product really well but the product itself lasted on my eye for about an hour. Once the product dried down it started to crumble off my eye pretty quickly. I have heard some hype about these but I really don’t understand it because this product didn’t work for me at all. Maybe the other colours have better staying power ? This one in ‘Vivid Fire’ is unfortunately a pass from me.


‘Barry M Blink Waterproof liner’ – Black – €6.99

This liner unlike the other Barry M liner is one of my favorites. The tip is easy to work with and thin enough to give a sharp line. The colour payoff on this liner is much better and blacker. Similarly to the ‘Wet n Wild proline’ this dried out sooner than I expected, it did last longer than the Wet n Wild one though. Once again it does still work but the very tip is dry so no product comes from there making it harder to get a sharp wing. While it lasted it was one of my favorites though. ( I think this liner is now called ‘On Point’, but it has the same characteristics as the ‘Blink’ one , they might be different not too sure).


Overall if you are looking for a new liner I would first try out the ‘Wet n Wild megaliner’, It’s not as easy to work with as the pen liners but it definitely will last longer in your collection, it has good colour intensity and is really inexpensive.

I really hope this helped! I am constantly looking out for a really good liquid liner and I know that a lot of other people are too. I was really surprised to find that I actually disliked more products than I actually liked on the hunt for a good liner, hopefully this post will save you from spending you money on some of the disappointing liners. If I have left out your holy grail cruelty-free liquid liner comment down below to help myself and others out!

A massive thank you for all the support recently. I just hit one of my blogging follower goals so thank you to all who follow my blog via e-mail and WordPress. It honestly makes me so happy when people think my blog is worth following so I am sending you all virtual hugs

Much love,

Laura x


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