Do eyelash curlers work ?

This post is inspired by my new eyelash curler after my last one broke. I never truly put that one to the test to see if it was worth buying a new one, so here I am testing out my new one to see if it was worth the buy. ( I hope it was :’))

As someone with very flat lashes and barely any there to begin with, I thought that lash curlers would be the perfect thing to put to the test. I used to always see people using lash curlers and I would think ‘wow , maybe my lashes could look like that’. I have also seen the disaterous videos where people’s lashes come off while curling them. Nevertheless this did not deter me and now I’m going to put my own new lash curler to the test to see if it works and to see how long the curl last’s for.

I find that mascara weighs down my lashes so when I wear mascara I don’t tend to have voluminous black lashes, but flat lashes. So, for the purpose of this post I will be using mascara along with my lash curler to see if my lashes will remain upright.

So the new eyelash curler I got is by ‘Earth Therapeutics’ and it is stainless steel and comes with a ‘Lifetime guarantee’ . I thought that this sounded like very fancy lingo for an eyelash curler, but after my last one broke I thought ‘why not’. I got this eyelash curler in T.K Maxx for €6, I think. You can get eyelash curlers for even less expensive than that so one certainly wont break the bank.


So I curled my eyelashes on one eye and applied mascara and I left my other lashes uncurled and applied mascara. The mascara I’m using is the Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ Mascara because this is a cult favorite and I feel like even if you don’t own this mascara you have probably seen how it works on various blog posts or Youtube videos.



Right lashes curled(your left)


Mascara on both 


3 hours later ….


At the end of the day both eyes had flat lashes and mascara flakes all over the place. Story of my life.

So overall I do think that eyelash curlers actually do curl your lashes. Does it look like the angels have come down and blessed your lashes? No, but it does give them a little something. However, at the end of the day my lashes were flat anyway. I personally think lash curlers work more effectively when mascara isn’t applied to them directly after because the mascara will weigh your lashes down.

So there you go. Do they work? Yes. Will my lashes look 100 times better? Probably not, and if they do please let us all know what curler you are using.

I hope this post was helpful or at least entertaining, have a wonderful summer! A big thank you to my mom who helped take some of these photo’s ❤ Also I have changed the layout of my blog recently to make it more easy to navigate so please let me know if you are liking my new theme etc ❤

Much love,

Laura x





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