Summer Nails/Barry M Speedy Nail Paint- Freestyle

Well summer has finally arrived and is definitely in full swing. Is it just me or do you forget each year that it actually gets pretty warm in summer and pretty cold in winter, this might sound ridiculous , but it’s like I always forget what the heat feels like :’). Anyways , it is safe to say that one of my pet peeves is nail varnish that just doesn’t dry. You know what I mean, you put in on, you let it dry, you go about your day and now you have around 100 dents in your nail varnish, even though you could have sworn it was completely dry.

So I decided to give the Barry M Speedy Nail paint a whirl since I am impatient and just like to get on with things. I picked up the colour ‘Freestyle’, which is a slightly muted , but not really, pink (A+ to me for colour description).



The nail varnish applied easily, and the brush is a decent enough size to cover my nails in one stroke. I used 2 coats to build up the colour. It is also recommended to use a top coat over everything but I couldn’t find mine, so, yeah.



So I would have to say that the quick drying claim is pretty bang on accurate. When you begin applying the nail varnish it starts drying from the get go, so not only does it dry ‘speedy’ , but you also have to be pretty speedy applying it. That being said I still did have to leave it a small bit to dry, but it actually was dry after I left each coat dry. When it first dries I thought it looked pretty matte but it changed to a matte/gloss a few minutes later , like a satin finish. My mom also used this on the same day as me and she expressed her liking for the brush, so there you go.


Overall Thoughts

If you are someone who struggles with nail varnish that just wont dry, I would give this one a go since I found that this dries quicker than regular polish. I bought it for €4.49 and I think this is a pretty reasonable price. The colour is nice and it fulfills its promise of drying quickly. My only concern is that since the nail varnish started drying as soon as I put it on my nail, will the bottle dry out soon? Only time will tell, but for now I’m pretty happy with this product 🙂 .



I hope you have all enjoyed this post and let me know what your go to nail varnish is for summer.

Much love,

Laura x



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