Statement & Investment Fashion Pieces

With the change of the season there is a change in fashion trends and I can feel that A/W 2017 is going to be a big one. Contrary to what some may think I believe that statement and investment pieces definitely hold a place in the modern ethical wardrobe. I will be the first to admit that shopping ethically – that being eco-friendly and without modern slavery, has been challenging, however I think that statement and investment pieces can perhaps in some sense be considered more eco-friendly than what may be perceived as disposable clothing. A statement and investment item of clothing is a piece of clothing that is essential to a persons wardrobe and remains in that wardrobe for a longer time. I believe that this in turn does benefit the environment because when we buy investment pieces we usually buy something we love because we are willing to spend the extra money on it, this means that it will remain in our wardrobes for longer and not end up in land fill.


Since we invest in investment pieces they more often than not tend to be made from higher quality material because they have costed that bit more. This in turn makes these items last longer.

Investment and statement pieces give us a sense of identity. One of the first impressions we make on other people is through our clothing and there is definitely space for a statement piece in every wardrobe.


I think ultimately the goal is to view less of our wardrobe as disposable and more as priceless. I know that everyone has at least one thing in their wardrobe that they probably could not bare to part with, be that an extravagant necklace, a designer pair of stilettos or the perfect pair of skinny jeans. But what if we could not bare to part with more of our wardrobe?

The more items in our wardrobes we love, the more we view them as priceless and it is more likely that we will wear them more because we love how we look in them. I think this might be something I know I, along with many, have lost maybe a little bit. We buy items that we don’t really love and sometimes we don’t even like because ‘it was on sale’ or ‘ I was too lazy to try it on’.


I see investment and statement pieces as opportunities to buy clothes/shoes/accessories we really want. This might mean spending a bit more to get a bit more. A benefit that comes along with this is that more luxury and designer brands will release select collections such as Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter this means that when we invest we are not buying into fast fashion. This way we are buying clothes to last.


If you are on a journey like myself to shop more ethically or maybe just a bit more carefully, I understand that it can be a bit difficult sometimes and although a purchase you make may not be 100% perfect it is about making perhaps the best choices available to you and it is all about the little steps. I know that I need to remember that for me it is a journey and not a destination.


All in all, selecting investment pieces and statement pieces is fun! It is enjoyable to find the perfect pieces that make our wardrobes more cohesive and true to our own sense of style. Then, ultimately, we love how we feel in our clothes and how we look.

When I am buying my statement and investment pieces I look for things that I consider to be inspired- meaning that the garment itself is an expression of inspiration from a creator, and so I feel inspired in my own way when wearing it.


For this item I definitely drew inspiration from the novel turned movie ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’. The main character Rebecca purchases an iconic green scarf and goes on to be known as ‘The girl in the green scarf’, so I felt inspired to become ‘The girl in the green pants’.

I adore the colour and these pants are definitely one of those items that I think ‘What have I even been wearing before I owned these?’ ( Have you ever had this feeling?)


I love how they look in the sunshine and how they move in the wind. I think they are light enough for summer, but also deep in colour and long enough for winter. There is something enchanting about the colour green and I think that this is one of the reasons why it is my favorite colour.


Thank you all for your love and continuous support! Also thank you to mom for taking these photos for me ❤ Are you excited for A/W 2017? Also, what are your favorite statement & investment pieces?

Much love,

Laura x



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