Wardrobe De-Cluttering A/W 2017

Hello everyone !

I just posted a Youtube video based on me de-cluttering my wardrobe recently. I was going to do a descriptive blog post with pictures for this one, but I felt like it was another one of those things that I could portray better with a video.

Overall I’m trying to downsize my wardrobe for A/W 2017 and only buy things that I absolutely adore. I am stepping away from bright pops of colour this season and I want to invest in classic neutral pieces that I could wear pretty much all of the time. Wish me luck as I am on the hunt for these pieces and let me know if you would like a blog post on what I am looking for or a detailed post when I find them.

I hope you all enjoy the video! Sending virtual hugs ❤

Much love,

Laura x


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