Are Lip Oils a New Trend?

Lip trends come and go and usually arrive and leave with the change of the season. So this poses the question, is wearing lip oils a trend ? I got my first lip oil before I started buying cruelty-free products (which was now over a year ago!) so this abolishes the idea that lip oils are a new trend, but they do seem to be popping up more frequently around the place. Until recently, I found that I could only find lip oils at a higher end/luxury price tag, which made me think is it really worth it? Barry M have now jumped on the Lip Oil trend and I wouldn’t be surprised if other drugstore companies followed suit.


I must admit that I used to love the matte lip trend but now I cannot get enough of satin/glossy and now oily lip formulas. I think this is because the matte lip look doesn’t compliment my lips. Naturally my lips are tiny and I feel like the satin/glossy/oily finish gives the illusion of plumpness.

Why I love lip oils is because I feel that they give me the illusion of bigger lips without the stickiness of a gloss and the pigment of a satin. For summer I have been loving the ‘no makeup makeup look’ and I can’t achieve this look while wearing a high pigment satin so I have been opting for a lip oil. Though the ‘wet lip look’ may be all in for summer I think that this trend will follow on to autumn/winter 2017 and even next spring.

For the most part I have been loving Barry M’s lip oil in ‘Berry Good’ and I recently purchased the other lip oil in ‘Coco Loco’.


Both lip oils are €7.49 in Boots. I think this is fairly good compared to the more expensive ones that cost around €20, however for someone that is not into lip oils I can see why the €7.49 would be a stretch.

I have been using these lip oils in place of lip balm really so in comparison to the price of a lip balm at €1.50 – €2.00 the lip oil is definitely steeper, but I feel like they are a little piece of daily luxury that are worth it for me.


The applicator of these lip oils is a bonus, there is a roller ball mechanism on the top which means that you can roll the product on your lips and use all of the product on the applicator up. I had never seen anything like this before using this and it was a pleasant surprise.


Berry Good smells so incredible like a jam doughnut or a bakewell tart, I can’t quite put my finger on what the scent is!

Coco Loco smells lovely also, for me it gives off a gentle coconut scent, but if coconut is a scent you do not like you will not like this.

edit cb

I find that I have been throwing Berry Good in my bag where ever I go and it has quickly become a staple beauty product for me and this is what compelled me to write this post really. I have been discovering recently that Barry M definitely has some hidden gems a lot of which I feel are under- rated!

I feel like the lip oil trend is real and I am beginning to wonder when more brands will catch onto it…..


What are products you feel are drugstore/affordable hidden gems ?

Much love,

Laura x


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