Pyjama Days

When is comes to consuming carefully, pijamas tend to be the clothes that will slip through the cracks and go unnoticed. Night-wear, generally, is viewed as more disposable compared to clothes we wear during the day, this is simply because we wear them at night and also very few people see them.


When I was feeling especially kind to myself at the beginning of summer I decided I wanted to invest in pijamas that were more ethically made than the ones I had before, so that I could have a cleaner conscience and sleep sounder, literally.


‘People Tree’ at the time were having an online sale so I browsed their night-wear section for a new set of pijamas. This pair that I found were perfect, especially for the Irish climate.

They consist of a long sleeve top and bottoms which will keep me warm but not as warm as the super fluffy ones that I normally can only stick for the two coldest weeks of winter. These pijamas, I feel are more suited to autumn and spring and they feel like the type of pijamas that will last more than one season.


The pijamas are priced per item and not per set, so overall including delivery they came just under the €60 mark.

When it comes to price, I feel like many people will look and think ‘why would you spend that amount of money on pijamas’, but in my case I felt like all of the €10 pijamas I was buying around once or twice a season wasn’t actually saving me any money but just giving me the illusion that I was, because when the season ended they all went in the bin and more would be bought.


Not only was this adding to the already enormous amount of clothes that end up in landfill, but I wasn’t really doing myself any economic favors either. One of the main reasons that I decided to pay the extra money was because of the companies policies on sustainable and fair trade fashion.

Obviously this post isn’t about shaming anyone or anyone’s choices, I suppose I am simply justifying why I decided to spend a bit more for hopefully a better impact in the future.


People Tree delivered my pijamas in a large brown envelope, which I found completely refreshing to see if I’m being completely honest. So many companies pack and over-pack their goods with excess amounts of paper and plastic and most of the time it is completely unnecessary. It was relieving to see a simple brown envelope bringing it back to basics.

The pijamas were then packaged in a plastic film individually and written on the bag is 100% bio-degradable plastic. (I didn’t even know this was a thing. If any one in the comment section could shed some light on this it would be much appreciated.)


The cotton used to make the pijamas comes from organic, fair trade sources. Sustainable and ethical fashion is becoming more and more popular and People Tree will be one of the companies to reap the rewards of having ethical policies in place, I feel.

I haven’t been able to wear the pijamas since I bought them in June because the weather has been too warm, but I am so thrilled to be able to finally wear them now that autumn is slowy making an appearance.


When it comes to the design on them I love how simple and clean cut they are. The contrast between the millennial pink and the brown/black colour of the little birds is simple yet effective and not overly busy. I feel like these are the type of pijamas you wouldn’t be embarrassed to open the door in to collect the post in the morning :’).


I will probably be wearing these more than regular clothing now that the evenings are getting darker sooner and I wont be going out. Hopefully they will stand the test of time.

Shout-out to Moma for taking a few photos for me ❤ Thank you all so much for reading and I will have another post for you soon.

Much love,

Laura x




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