5 Things You Must Do This Halloween

I know that Halloween night is nearly here but there is still time to do some fun things to get into the Halloween spirit. Since autumn is my favourite time of the year Halloween is also one of my favourite holidays , I can never decide whether I prefer Christmas or Halloween …. I just feel like Halloween is a time of year with spooky but good vibes and I love feeling immersed in the season.

So here are 5 things you must do this Halloween ….

1. Put up some form of decoration. It might be some fake spider webs or pumpkin lights , but whatever it is make sure there is at least something there. I remember when I was a young kid I used to love to see all of the creepy decorations on people’s houses and now I love to put up at least something small every year. Plus all of the orange tinted lights give off super cosy vibes 🙂


2. Bake some Halloween related treats or cakes. It might be putting loads of green food colouring into cake batter, just using a Halloween themed wrapper or making elaborate pumpkin spice flavoured everything, what ever it is give something a go. Your house will smell yum and I’m sure your family won’t mind some baked goods either.

3. Watch a few Halloween related movies/tv shows or YouTube Videos. This is one of the reasons I love Halloween so much. I am a YouTube addict and when I see my favourite youtubers posting Halloween related videos I get really excited. If you are looking for good a good video to get you into the Halloween mood try creators such as ‘Zoella’, ‘Grav3yardgirl’ or ‘Loey Lane’. As for Tv shows I love the seasonal Simpsons ‘Treehouse of Horror’ episodes. Finally when it comes to movies I think everyone’s favourite is ‘Hocus Pocus’ , I must admit that I do switch to Disney channel to make sure I see ‘Halloween Town’ too if at all possible and I also like to watch one or two scary but not scary movies like ‘Final Destination’ or ‘Scary Movie’.

4.Dress up as something, anything. Even if it is something super tacky or something everyone else does don’t be the equivalent of a grinch at Halloween. Make your own costume or even go as the same character multiple times. Have fun with it since it’s the one time of year when it’s completely acceptable to be dress up nearly anything . This was my costume last year that I made myself .


5. Make sure to carve a pumpkin! This is my favourite thing to do every year .You can also use the contents of the pumpkin to make some pumpkin flavoured treats if you like . Pick out an intricate or a simple design and display it proudly to the neighbours :’). (I haven’t carved my pumpkin this year yet so this snap is from last year)


Happy Halloween Everybody !

Much love,

Laura x


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