LUSH Shampoo Bar Review

Hello Everybody! I hope you are all keeping well, I have been super busy juggling so many things lately so hopefully the blog hasn’t suffered too much and I am doing my very best to keep up to date with it. That being said today I have a blog post that I have been planning for so long I can’t even remember when I first thought of the idea.

Today’s post is going to be a review on the LUSH Shampoo bar in Montalbano and hopefully this will be useful for anyone who has ever thought about using a shampoo bar (as opposed to liquid shampoo), but isn’t quite sure what to expect.


I first decided to buy a shampoo bar because I was trying to cut down on all the plastic packaging that comes with so many products. I find that I can be super hard on myself when it comes to trying to do most things ethically and morally correct, but at the end of the day all I can do is try my best, I am just a normal person trying to see what small changes I can make because I know I can’t change everything. So, trying out a shampoo bar was one of those things that I wanted to do to see if it worked for me.

Firstly I want to say that the people at LUSH we’re super helpful. The member of staff who helped me was so nice and they had so much information on the product which really put me at ease because I knew that I was buying something that was right for me. My hair is naturally on the oily side so I opted for something with citrus in it to attempt to combat the oilyness.


In the end I went for the shampoo bar in ‘Montalbano’. The main ingredients in this are lemon, olives and rosemary. I am not a shampoo expert but I knew immediately that I wanted something with some form of citrus in it because I had heard from many people that that was a good way of combating oilyness.

So knowing that sometime in the future I was going to want to write a blog post on the shampoo bar I marked the piece of paper it came in each time I used it. In store I was told I was going to get a larger of number of uses than I did out of the bar, but that didn’t bother me because since my hair is longer I used more of the shampoo bar per use than recommended anyway. Nevertheless I can still say that I got around the same if not more  uses out of this bar compared to regular liquid shampoo.


I feel like sometimes people can have reservations when it comes to using shampoo bars because they fear it might not clean their hair as well or something of that nature, but I can say for me that this shampoo bar did the trick. I wouldn’t say that is was a new holy grail shampoo product that will mean I will never have oily hair again, but I am glad to say that it worked as well if not better than the regular shampoo that I use without the plastic packaging.


Since I have used this one up I haven’t repurchased it or tried any other shampoo bars from LUSH, but I am definitely open to trying out more shampoo bars from LUSH and from other stores in the future too. I am just trying to find out what works out the best for me at the moment.

What I will say is that if you haven’t tried a shampoo bar ever you should give one a go to see if it’s for you. It can be fun to change up your routine a little and find new things that can sometimes work more effectively than the things you already own. LUSH have a good selection of other bars for other hair types too if you were thinking of trying one out from there. I’m pretty sure that mine was around the €10 mark, which may seem a bit pricey for shampoo but I think that is pretty okay price wise when you factor in that it’s a cruelty-free product and that you do get a bit more out of it than regular shampoo.


I just want to say a quick thank you to the people at LUSH for allowing me to take a few snaps !

That is all for now! I am always on the hunt for new hair products because I feel like I always forget about hair-care , so if you have any holy grail hair products make sure to comment them below !

Until next time,

Much love,

Laura x



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