3 Christmas Gift Ideas You May Not Have Thought About

Now is just about around the time when people start to become frantic about Christmas shopping. Now is also usually the time when you might realise that you have no idea what to get any body in your family which means only one thing, socks for everyone. Although socks are practical here are 3 things you may not have thought of yourself and depending on the person you’re buying for one of these ideas could be perfect.


1. Christmas can become an extremely materialistic holiday if you let it become one so why not break the chain and give to charity in someone else’s name instead. I know that with many charities this idea of giving a gift in someone else’s name is really popular and I suppose you don’t have to worry about whether or not they like the gift because giving to the less fortunate is never a bad thing. This may not be for everyone, but it might be one to keep in mind.


2. Don’t always focus on giving actual things. An experience or an event could be something even more enjoyable. If you have a larger budget maybe a small holiday or a concert could be on the cards. For a middle of the road budget maybe something like a spa treatment or afternoon tea could go down nicely. Finally for a smaller budget you could go for something simple like cinema or ice skating tickets. At the end of the day I think we all forget most gifts we get but it’s the experiences that make the memories. Also maybe consider buying a board game or something of that nature as a gift to get the whole family involved.


3. In keeping with the idea of not buying physical gifts why not try buying online gifts or apps. Maybe your parents would love to watch a premium sports channel for the month or your siblings want to buy some music tracks online. Although some of these gifts can be a bit more difficult to organise it might be something worth thinking about and after all if the subscription ends up not being right it can always be cancelled(fingers crossed :’))


I hope this post has offered some inspiration to those who cannot think of anything but socks….

All of these pictures are of the Christmas lights around Cork City 🙂

Happy December!

Much love,

Laura x


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