Smart Up, Suit Up

A few weeks back I posted a photo on Instagram about power dressing and I have received such great responses about it from many people that I thought it justified it’s own blog post. I also continue to be extremely motivated by the #TIMESUP movement and it is safe to say that this also inspired me when writing this post.

DSC_0584 (2)

Power dressing for me is just another part of showing everyone around you that you as a female are just as strong as your male counterparts. Fashion is ever changing and the strict boundaries of feminine and masculine clothing are being bent and manipulated and the results are exciting to see.

Now, just through our clothing, we can break stereotypes and challenge norms in society. Not only does power dressing gain attention, but in some ways I think it can gain some form of respect. One of the first things you notice about someone is their clothing and I do believe that that truly influences how you act around a person.

DSC_0623 (2)

Clean lines and well cut silhouettes have a massive role in all of this. Although many trends come and go so quickly I feel like power dressing will be one of those defining styles of the decade because a strong women is always in fashion.

DSC_0605 (2)

So if you were ever looking for a time to invest in those tailored pants and blazer, now is the time. We as women mean business and now our clothes , more than ever, show this too.

DSC_0634 (2)

Although I have loved clean cut clothing for some while now my passion for power dressing was definitely influenced by Sarah Harris’ piece entitled ‘Strictly Business’ from last August’s UK Vogue (if you can find a way to read it, do).

My own two piece blazer and trousers are from Boohoo and cost under €60 together. And yes the blazer is over-sized no I did not ‘steal some poor lads jacket’. In all honesty I took a break from ordering clothing online because of the lack of information about company ethics from many online stores, until Boohoo created a section on their website about their ‘social responsibility’.


Even though I recognise that there is still so much more to be done by most online and high street stores regarding ethics, I thought that this was at least a step in the right direction on Boohoo’s part since I couldn’t find anything on their website regarding that matter previously.

So go out and be the boss that you are and wear whatever clothing makes you feel powerful, be that something tailored of something completely different,you do you.

DSC_0637 (2)

Photo Creds: Moma ❤

For me, I strive to make 2018 a year of self improvement and hard work, in all aspects of my life. This also involves establishing a set upload date and time for my blog every week. So, if you want to keep seeing content from me you should keep an eye out every Monday at 7pm, that is when my posts will go live and hopefully make your Mondays a bit better.

Much love,

Laura x



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