NEW Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara Review

New make-up releases are always exciting, but a new mascara can bring something new to the game. Longer, thicker, blacker lashes is something many of us long to have, including myself, and with a new mascara release the promise of these things can seem almost tangible, especially when coming from such a quality brand like Urban Decay. So, it is safe to say that my expectations for this mascara were high.

DSC_0782 (2)

My aim is to give you all an in-depth review of the new mascara and see if it is worth the €23.50.


This mascara claims to make your lashes ‘super-fat’, ‘super long’ and the claim that has caught most media attention has got to be that this mascara is ‘sex proof’. With a claim like this the mascara has gotten a lot of attention and has been hyped up quite a lot.

  • ‘Super fat’, ‘Super long’


The pictures on the side of the box look great and really do promise denser nicer looking lashes. For me, I have to be honest is saying that I didn’t feel like this mascara made my lashes super fat or super long. The mascara is quite thick (which is something I actually quite like) and because of this my lashes tended to flatten out 10-15 minutes after curling them.

  • ‘Sex proof’

I interpreted this claim to mean long lasting and durable. One of the positives about this mascara has got to be that you don’t get the nasty black shadow and flakes under your eye throughout the day. Once it is on your lashes it will stay there, but for me I found that you will sacrifice length and curl.

DSC_0811 (2)


  • No under-eye mascara flakes and black shadow.
  • Good intense black colour
  • Not impossible to remove


  • Thickness of mascara weighs down lashes
  • Loss of curl and length of lashes
  • Pricepoint

In all honesty I don’t think that this mascara will be a game changer to your make-up routine(even though the packaging is super pretty). If you are looking for a mascara that doesn’t end up under your eyes after a day of work this could be a good one for you but I found that I did have to sacrifice length and volume for it. Adding all of this together the price doesn’t really seem worth it for me. If you are looking to try out an Urban Decay mascara I think that there ‘Perversion’ mascara is a better option.

DSC_0827 (2)

I am still going to hold onto this one for when the weather starts to get a bit warmer because that is when I find that mascara can easily slip off my lashes and when it will prove to be most useful, but otherwise this one is a bit of a pass from me.

I am not bashing Urban Decay as a brand, this particular product just didn’t work out for me. As always all of my reviews are honest and are subject to my own opinions.

Thank you all for your love on my other social media pages lately it is greatly appreciated and really motivates me to continue making content and striving to make it better.

Much love,

Laura x


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