NEW NYX ‘Worth the Hype’ Mascara Review

The make-up companies are back at it again with their eye-catching names. The newest member of the family being the new NYX mascara named ‘Worth the Hype’. With a mascara going by that name, it’s safe to say that my expectations were high. I’ve been testing this one out for around 2 weeks so I know pretty well how this mascara performs. Keep reading if you are curious whether it is ‘worth the hype’ or not.

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On the NYX website there is an in depth description of the mascara and how they expect it to perform. There is also a little explanation  given as to why the mascara is named ‘worth the hype’. The general explanation is that it’s supposed to live up to it’s claims and so that makes it worth the hype.

  • ‘Volumizing’ and ‘Lengthening’


It is fair to say that this mascara does do a little bit of both. It does add a bit of volume and a bit of length, but it doesn’t do anything drastically different to many other mascaras on the market.

  • ‘A breeze to apply’ and ‘comfortable to wear’

Although I do think that application has a lot to do with the person who is applying the mascaras ability, I would say that I found it as easy to apply as any other mascara.

The formula is super comfortable to wear. I find that it’s quite gentle on the lashes and almost makes your lashes softer.

The formula is definitely buildable, but beware of spidery lashes as it can give this effect as you build, but this is also true for most mascaras.



  • Comfortable soft formula
  • Easy to remove at the end of the day
  • Not very flaky or smudgey
  • €11- so it won’t break the bank


  • Loss of curl of lashes
  • Kind of volumizing and lengthening, but nothing amazing.


Overall I think that this mascara is nice, but not game- changing . I curled my lashes everyday before using it and my lashes fell flat pretty soon after applying it. I will admit that I have tried quite a few mascaras that also flatten my lashes and that don’t flatten other people’s so I’m not saying that this will definitely flatten your lashes. For €11 it’s not bad and if you were looking to try something new I would give it a go to see how it preforms on you because the formula is comfortable and I think it’s a nice one to wear as an everyday mascara.

Would I say it’s worth the hype? – no.  However, as mascaras go I do think it’s nice, but nothing special.

Thank you all for 1k + followers on Instagram and know that no matter how little or how many followers I have I will still keep my reviews 100% honest.

Happy Monday ! ❤

Much love,

Laura x





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