5 Must Have Wedding Clutch Items // Wedding Guest

Wedding time is an exciting time, but it also can be stressful if you don’t prepare accordingly. Here is a collective list on what I put in my clutch for a recent wedding I attended to help any of you out there from constantly wondering ‘have I forgotten something?’

1. Small purse or wallet- My normal purse is pretty large and would take up the entire size of the clutch which would render it pretty much useless, so I recommend getting a smaller size purse or a card holder that doesn’t take up much room. All you need to bring is some cash, a card and your ID, leave all of your loyalty cards and receipts at home.

DSC_0449 (2)

Red Herring- Mini Purse

2. Eyelash glue- When you’re out and about travelling from the church to the reception it’s natural that your makeup probably won’t remain in pristine condition. One of the make-up products you definitely want to pack is some eyelash glue. A quick trip to the bathroom will suffice and you’re lashes will be back to normal.

DSC_0465 (2)

DUO-Eyelash Glue

3. Lipstick – Whatever colour you are wearing on your lips, make sure to bring it with you. Your lip colour will naturally fade throughout the day and after dinner it’s usually practically non existent. It’s a pretty obvious one, but it’s a must.DSC_0461 (2).JPG

Charlotte Tilbury- KISSING Lipstick in Stoned Rose

4. A power bank – If you have one be sure to bring it. Finding a socket to charge your phone in the hotel somewhere will do too, but remembering where you left it is another thing all together. With a power bank you can charge your phone on the go easily even on the way to the hotel. This way you won’t miss out on any photo opportunities.

DSC_0468 (2)

Juice- 11200mAh Power Bank

5. Sunglasses/ Mini umbrella – The size of your clutch will determine whether you can bring both or either of these. Realistically, you will probably need one or the other. Check the weather forecast beforehand and be prepared. A pair of sunglasses in the sun will make you look cool and collected and an umbrella in the rain will mean that you wont need to duck in and out of places all day, you can take your time and keep your head up.

DSC_0457 (2)

Ray Ban- Aviators 

Of course there are many other things you can pack in your clutch for a wedding, but for me these 5 are definitely essential.

Here’s a snap of what I wore for the wedding and of course the clutch I wore.


Dress- Sandro

Clutch – Boohoo

Shoes- New Look

What would you say is a must have for your wedding clutch (or any clutch in general) ?

Happy Monday !

Much love,

Laura x


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