Milan Outfit Diary// Travel Wardrobe

My recent trip to Milan was such a big deal to me. Not only did I want to just go on a holiday to visit a fashion capital but, I wanted to improve my mental health and continue to face my fears. Travel and being in a foreign country is no big deal for some people but, for me it has always been one of those anxiety provoking situations. In January I decided that enough was enough and I needed to push myself to help myself. I wouldn’t say that I now think travel is a breeze, however, little by little it’s getting easier. Since the 4 days I spent in Milan have influenced my life in a special way I think that it only makes sense that I dedicate some blog posts to my trip and the city (There will be 3 in total :)). So, I hope you all enjoy this mini series of blog posts.

The first of this mini series of posts is going to be an outfit post obviously(:P). Here are the outfits I wore days 1-4 in Milan.


DSC_0462 (2)

Even though it was only March when I was travelling, I still wanted to wear as many dresses as I could because you don’t get to wear them enough in the Irish weather. I decided however, that planes and dresses wouldn’t make the best mix so I decided to wear trousers both days 1 and 4. For this outfit I wanted to keep it practical yet fashionable while giving a nod to Italian style. The ruffle and polka dot top is a bit literal and stereotypical of Italian fashion, but I decided to play into the cliché for once.


Top- Carraig Donn

Trousers- Claudie Pierlot

Bag- Savida

Shoes- Faith 


DSC_0581 (2)

It was time to whip out one of the dresses. I wore this one to a wedding back in December of 2015 and hadn’t worn it since but, I  did not want to part with it. I am still glad that I didn’t and I will hold onto it again for at least another season. I am definitely not the wear once, never wear again type of person 1. That is bad for the environment 2. That is bad for your pocket and 3. Why would you buy something that you like and then wear it once ? There’s no fun in that.


Dress- Boohoo

Shoes – Koi Couture

Bag- Savida


DSC_0684 (2)

I picked up this dress at the very end of the BT sale in Maje. I fell in love with it when I saw it and I knew I wanted to wear if for Milan. The plan originally wasn’t to wear this with leggings but, because of rules when visiting the Duomo I had to be covered from the knee down and I wanted to make sure that I would be allowed in (I will give more details about this in next Monday’s blog post). When I wear this again I will definitely be giving the leggings a miss, nevertheless I still adored wearing the dress and I will always know it as my ‘Milan dress’.

DSC_0717 (2)

Jacket- Savoir

Dress- Maje

Shoes- Faith

Bag- Savida


DSC_0908 (2)

I resorted back to trousers again this day and paired it once more with a free moving top. This outfit was easy for travel so, once more I was happy with my choice. When planning my outfit I wasn’t going to wear red with the yellow but, I ended up preferring it to my original planned outfit. I wore the red Faith shoes with this outfit also.

DSC_0877 (2)

Jacket – Savoir

Top- Savida

Trousers- Claudie Pierlot

Bag- Savida

Tips for Packing 

If you’re like me and you have carry-on luggage only you have no choice but to pack light. Here are a few things I did to maximize my carry-on luggage space.

  1. Bring one jacket. I brought a Savoir black leather jacket to go with all of my outfits. Jackets take up too much space so pick one that goes with everything and you’re good to go.
  2. Bring one bag. I stole my moms cross body bag from Savida and it did the trick. It was large enough to hold all of my essentials and small enough not to be in the way. This is the same idea as the jacket, pick one bag that matches everything and you will be good to go.
  3. Choose one colour palette. The one thing that I knew I was definitely going to wear was my dress from Maje so I based the rest of my travel wardrobe around that. My colour palatte was monochrome with my pops of colour being red and yellow. By choosing one colour palatte all of the items you pack can be interchanged so, if you’re not feeling an outfit on a certain day you can swap it out – this is what I did on day 4.
  4. Keep the amount of shoes you bring to a minimum. I brought 2 pairs with me and realistically I could have just worn the 1 the entire trip. Shoes take up so much space so if you can cut it down do, that way you’ll have more room for your shopping.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter! Stay tuned for part 2 and 3 of this mini series.

Thank you to my mom and sister for taking the photos for me ❤ ❤

Much love,

Laura x



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