What’s on Trend in Milan? // 5 Style Tips

So, this is the final part of this mini-series, but don’t worry because I think I have saved the best until last. I compiled a list of 5 things that I noticed everywhere when it came to style and fashion in Milan. So if you’re looking for tips to stay on trend for the season or want to know how to dress like they do in the fashion capital, this is the one for you.

1.Trainers- This is the one thing that I didn’t style into my look because I just haven’t been able to master it yet (I’m just a boot and shoe type of girl :P). Seriously though, nearly everyone in the capital was wearing trainers. Whether it was with a dress, a skirt, shorts or trousers, trainers just seemed to be the obvious choice to put with it. The 4 main brands of sneakers that I kept noticing where Adidas,Vans,Superga and Gucci.

DSC_0906 (2)

2. Cross- body bags- This is one of those tricks that I think makes an outfit look more put together and it’s so simple. In Cork, if your shoulder strap is long you just wear it over the one shoulder but, in Milan everyone was using the length of the strap to wear it cross body. I started wearing my own bag as a cross-body bag for days 3 and 4. I didn’t even notice that I was doing this until I looked back over my photo film for post number 1. Wearing the strap across the body pulls the entire look together, plus it’s much safer to always have your belongings somewhere you can reach them at all times.

DSC_0955 (2)

DSC_0928 (2)

3. Monochrome- You may not have thought it, since I wore red or at least accents of it everyday but, monochrome is a huge thing in Milan. I was so surprised to see such little colour in the clothing people were wearing. Black, white and grey were the colours of choice. A neutral colour palette does always look effortlessly chic so it does make sense for the city. Plus, having a monochrome wardrobe means that everything will go with everything!

DSC_0820 (2)

DSC_0926 (2)

4. Layers- A simple tee  just wont cut it. However,a simple tee with a structured jacket and a coat on top will. Considering it was March when I visited the layers make sense, but something about them gave me the impression that this way of styling clothes wasn’t exclusively seasonal. Who can complain about wearing a few layers ? This definitely isn’t a daunting trend.

DSC_0850 (2)

DSC_0858 (2)

5. Anything that ties – This one is a little difficult to explain, but I kept seeing it everywhere. It applies to anything that you can tie in a knot. There where jumpers with bell sleeves with strings at the end to tie. Shirts with fabric to tie at the neck. Belts that don’t have loops and buckles, but just ones you clip and tie in a knot. There were also fabric belts that were being worn over entire outfits and jackets to bring back structure into the body- they were pretty cool and very high fashion. Literally, just tie the outfit together.

DSC_0860 (2)

Jacket- Massimo Dutti

Shirt- Theory 

Skirt- Zara 

Boots- UNISA// The Shoe Suite 

Bag- Kate Spade

I hope you have all enjoyed this mini- series. If you haven’t already you can check out part 1 here and part 2 here. A big thank you goes to Ailbhe for taking the photo’s for me at the Glucksman. Thank you all for joining me for this mini-series It’s been loads of fun for me ❤

See you all next Monday!

Much love,

Laura x


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