How to Fill in Your Eyebrows

Brow trends come and go with the seasons and the years, but is a brow trend really worth following? Where have brow trends gotten us? We’ve been influenced to over-pluck our brows until they’re barely there, then apply brow pomade as thickly as possible because the bigger the better, then there was the wavy brow and the braided brow and the list goes on. The thing that all of these brow trends are missing, in my opinion, is the natural brow. When it comes to brows I think that simple definition is key and shape is everything. In this post I will show you all how I fill in my eyebrows to enhance their shape as best as possible while keeping their natural features.

I am fortunate to have naturally thicker brows. I am also fortunate that my mother wouldn’t let a tweezers anywhere near me when I was younger. Brow thickness and shape does come into play when you are filling in your brows yourself. When it comes to brow maintenance I get mine waxed and tinted every 6 weeks or so. For reference, these pictures are around 8/9 days after my most recent waxing/tinting appointment. I will be completely honest when I say that there is only so much a pencil and concealer can do. I do believe that waxing and tinting has a huge role to play when it comes to brows (in my opinion) and for me it will always be something that I see is worth paying for.

So these are the steps I follow when it comes to filling in my brows to get the most natural definition out of their shape as possible and always remember eyebrows are sisters not twins ;).


DSC_0919 (2)

Step 1:

Brush all of your eyebrow hairs upwards with a spoolie.

DSC_0933 (2)

DSC_0955 (2)

Step 2:

Gently define your lower brow by following your brow’s natural shape from the start to the tail.

DSC_0986 (2)

DSC_0993 (2)

Step 3:

Using your spoolie again brush all your brow hairs downwards.

 Step 4:

Define your upper brow by following the natural shape again until your lines meet at the tail of the brow.

DSC_1036 (2)

DSC_1047 (2)

Step 5:

Using your spoolie brush your brow hairs back into their normal position and start filling in your brows by using the lines you created above and below as guide lines. Use short and gentle strokes while filling them in to have a more natural looking brow. Take extra care at the start of the brow and once again use gentle and short strokes upwards to keep the start of the brow looking naturally full.

DSC_1087 (2)

Step 6:

Use your spoolie to brush through your brows to correct the shape and soften and harsh looking areas.

Step 7:

For extra definition use a concealer to sharpen up the edges around the brow. Avoid getting concealer in your actual brow hairs.

DSC_1168 (2)

DSC_1194 (2)


DSC_1210 (2)

DSC_1239 (3)

DSC_1286 (2)

DSC_1286 (3)

Before V After:


And that is everything I do when I fill in my brows. It may seem like a lot of steps, but in reality it is quick and easy to do, there is no complex measuring to do, just follow your brows natural shape.

My favorite products to use at the moment are the NYX Precision Brow in Charcoal and the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in Fair Warm. I do really like the NYX Microbrow also but the Charcoal colour is the best match for my brows and it isn’t available in the Microbrow pencil. I like the way the Precision Brow has sharper edges to it as it makes it easier to make straight lines to define the brow and make natural hair like strokes.

So that is how I fill in my brows. What is your favorite product to fill in your brows? And is there anything you do differently?

Happy Monday! I hope you all have a great week and best of luck to those with exams.

Stay Beautiful,

Much love,

Laura x


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