How I Edit My Blog Photos (Behind the Scenes)

Hey Guys! This week I wanted to switch things up a little and give you an insight into what happens behind the scenes when making blog posts and believe me it’s a lot more than you probably think. In all honesty I edit nearly every if not all of the photos I upload on my blog. I have never been one for the heavy editing but I do enjoy making tweaks here and there.

I also would like to mention that this is why I think it is so important not to believe everything you see on social media. Even though I only make little tweaks there still is a difference between what’s real and what’s edited, so just know that most of what you see online is not real, it more than likely has been edited to some degree. This is why it is so important not to get bogged down comparing ourselves to others with ‘perfect’ photos because it’s not true.


9/10 times I will lighten my photos. I prefer the look of a brighter photo and especially a crisp background. Whenever I am taking photos of make-up you can be sure that I have lightened the background.

DSC_1421DSC_1421 (2)


I use the enhance feature to bring out some of the features and colours lost when brightening the photo. This brings depth back into the photo and makes it look less washed out.

DSC_1421 (2)DSC_1421 (3)


Most of the time I will also increase the contrast of my photos.This also brings back the depth and sharpness of a photo. This also makes the brighter parts of a photo look brighter and the darker parts look darker.

DSC_1421 (3)DSC_1421 (4)

Finishing Touches

When needed I’ll then go back in and lighten and sharpen again if I feel the need. One important thing with editing is to know when to edit and when to stop. Editing is personal and artistic so do as much as feels right.

DSC_1421 (4)DSC_1421 (5)

Sometimes when editing I will do more and other times I will do much less, but these are just the small tweaks I make to my photos. When possible I do my best not to change my photos but to enhance them.

Before V After

DSC_1421DSC_1421 (5)

I hope you all enjoyed getting the inside scoop on how I do my photos behind the scenes. Nothing is ever as it seems 😉

If you are all interested I might share how I edit my Instagram photos too as I do them slightly different to these.

Thank you to Moma for taking the photos for me ❤

Have a great week, enjoy the weather and don’t forget your sun cream!

Stay Beautiful!

Much love,

Laura x



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