SOSU Dripping Gold Tan Review// Dark Mousse

Now that it’s summer, I thought what better time to review some tan. SOSU’s Dripping Gold tan has been out for a good bit now and I have worn it around 3/4 times already so that I could really get to grips with the product and see how it performs on my skin.

For once, I was really excited for a new release because 1. I’m always looking for a good tan’s cruelty-free and 3. it’s created by Irish entrepreneur Sue Jackson. Because of all of this I  knew I wanted it. I didn’t look at one single review before purchasing it because I wanted to see how it worked for me. I really did put this product to the test so if you’re looking for an honest, in-depth review, here is where you will find it.

DSC_1282 (2).JPG

I opted for the Dripping Gold Tanning Mousse in Dark. The tan is also available in a lotion in shades Medium and Dark and the Mousse is available in Medium and Ultra Dark shades too.


Before tanning I did my usual pre-tan routine which includes shaving and exfoliating the day before tanning. I prefer to do this the day before instead of the day of in case I get any irritation from shaving because you can’t apply tan on irritated skin. Before tanning I also always moisturise my face, elbows, knees, wrists,hands,feet and ankles. Although the bottle says not to apply moisturiser before tanning I find that just applying it in these areas helps the tan go on nicer.


I applied the tan in circular motions. It is so easy to see where the tan is going and whether it is even or not because it’s not a transparent tan that develops afterwards, this way you can actually see what you are doing, which means you get a more even tan.

The tan does develop a bit, but I love that it doesn’t change drastically from when you first apply it. I know I’ve certainly had those tanning experiences where I wake up the next morning and I get a freight by how uneven my hands, ankles and neck are. At least with this tan you know before you sleep if you’ve messed up :’).

One thing that I really love about this tan is that if you spill a small bit of tan onto your hands unintentionally you can actually clean it away with a face wipe or something similar and it wont develop in the morning to make you look like you have dirty nails. I find that no matter how careful I am I still manage to get some tan on the palm of my hand and in my nail bed and usually no matter how much I scrub it won’t go away, this tan is a bit more forgiving thank god.

BeFunky-collage (3)

The next day

After sleeping in the tan I wash it off the following morning and pat dry. Do not rub yourself dry or you will risk ruining your tan. Then I apply loads of moisturiser and go about the rest of my day all happy and tanned. I think the best way to determine if you like a tan is if you feel happy when wearing it or not, that’s what it comes down to at the end of the day really.

Days 2-5

The tan is still going strong at this stage. By day 5 I do start to notice the tan breaking up in certain areas and sticking to others. For example like with all tans I’ve tried so far by day 5 my armpits are white as well as below and to the sides of my chest. The tan however always sticks in that awkward part between your collar bone and armpit no matter how hard you try to get rid of it. I do find that this tan can stick awkwardly to the neck and ankles, which can be a pain.

Days 6+

By this time the tan is starting to look a bit grubby but you still would get away with it fine in some places like on the legs, i do find that in general it fades evenly enough which is always a bonus.



This is probably one of the only areas I have an issue with the tan. I think that it is so difficult to remove. I scrub it and soak myself in baby oil , but it doesn’t seem to want to come off. In normal circumstances I would be delighted that it stays on so well but when you can’t have tan on your skin for laser hair removal it can be a bit of a nuisance.



  • The tan is a really lovely colour with nice red undertones.
  • You can actually see where it is going on your skin making it easy to apply.
  • If you make a mistake you do have a chance to quickly clean it.
  • You wont get a freight the morning after it develops.
  • It works well on the face and doesn’t look muddy.
  • You feel and look good when wearing it.
  • It’s cruelty-free.
  • It lasts evenly on the legs and arms.

BeFunky-collage (2)


  • It can stick awkwardly to some areas like the neck and ankles after a few days.
  • If you are in a rush to get it off your skin, it’s a bit stubborn and will take a few goes.


Do I think that it’s worth the €20? Yes. Do I think it’s for everyone? Maybe not, but I do think it is worth a go. Would I recommend it if you’re getting laser hair removal done? Yes, but only if you are applying it and removing it with loads of time before your treatment other-wise no. Do I like it ? Yes absolutely. Would I recommend it ? Yep.

For me this tan is a winner. Every product is going to have it’s cons but overall I think that the pros outweigh them. I just know not to apply it if I have a laser appointment soon :’).

If you’re looking to save a euro and a bit, pick it up in Penneys where it is cheaper.

*Before and after photos are completely unedited to show colour difference*

I’ve heard mixed reviews about the tan recently so what are your thoughts on it ?

Stay Beautiful,

Much love,

Laura x



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