How to Sale Shop Sensibly and Still Get What You Want

Sale season is well and truly under way and you know what that means; current fashion for slashed prices, no wonder everyone loses their heads a little. However as the further reductions now start rolling out it really is important to take time and think before we buy. The amount of clothing that ends up wasted, burned and in landfill each year is truly shocking and unnecessary. You can shop sensibly and still get everything you want in the sale, that is if your bank balance will allow you.

unsplash-logoArtem Bali

  • Take inspiration from Rebecca Bloomwood in ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ and ask yourself ‘do I need this?’. It is very easy to get distracted by all of the lovely clothing at 50% off, but at the end of the day do you need it or do you only think that you do because it’s 50% off.
  • Think to yourself ‘would I still want this if it was full price?’, if the answer is no you are probably more attracted by the price of the product and not the product itself and trust me that means you don’t actually want it.artificial-photography-119298-unsplash.jpg

unsplash-logoArtificial Photography

  • Don’t buy something in the wrong size because your size has been sold out. This can happen to the best of us. We see something we love but it’s been sold in our size so we buy whatever size is available in the hope that somehow it will miraculously fit the way our own size would. Don’t go buying a size 6 shoe if you’re a 4 in the hope that you can just wear three pairs of socks. Don’t buy a size 18 top if you’re a size 10 unless you want to wear it over-sized. Realistically you will buy the stock and never wear it because it wont fit right.
  • Don’t buy because it’s dirt cheap. Have you ever bought something because it’s €10 or less and thought ‘well if I don’t wear it it doesn’t matter because it was only €5’. Don’t be attracted by the price because you will gain nothing from that. How are you supposed to love what you are wearing if your wardrobe is full of items that you got for the sake of the price being low instead of actually liking the product. Buy something because you like it or you need it in your wardrobe and if the price is right then that’s a bonus.artem-bali-679602-unsplash.jpg

unsplash-logoArtem Bali

  • Avoid impulse buying and speedy shopping. Sales can have that frantic aspect about them, everyone is rushing around to find what they want and there is almost a fear that what you like could be taken by another shopper. Realistically this never happens so take your time, keep your head and try to shop slowly. Impulse buys happen when you think fast and act fast, slow your actions down and you will leave with what you actually love.anna-dziubinska-348-unsplash.jpg

unsplash-logoAnna Dziubinska

  • Have a POA for sale shopping. Combine a list of things that you are missing from your wardrobe and need to fill and set aside some money for those items. This way you will less likely get distracted by a sequined top when you really need a shirt and jumper. Make sure you set aside a portion of money in case you see something you truly love but isn’t on your list of what you need, remember as long as you are filling your wardrobe with what you love you are on the right track.
  • Finally, remember it’s only a ‘bargain’ if you actually love it. If not it’s probably a bargain for someone else.

If you buy only what you love and need you will save money and have a better effect on the environment.

Stay Beautiful!

Much love,

Laura x


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