Kildare Village Finds

If you live in Ireland you most likely know what Kildare Village is and have been or want to go there. It sounds too good to be true, luxury and high-end clothing, discounted less than the retail value all year round. I have been there a good few times now and it is safe to say that I always do a bit of damage whenever I am up there. I love a good haul post, mainly because I’m nosey and I love seeing what other people buy, so here is one of my own.

L.K. Bennett Black Trousers

DSC_1407 (2)DSC_1408 (2)

I loved these the second I tried them on. They are so comfortable and the tie at the side detail makes them look very chic. RRP €200, Outlet Price €130.

L.K. Bennett Navy Trousers

DSC_1411 (2)DSC_1412 (2)

I am usually not a wide-legged trouser type of gal but these ones took my fancy. I think it’s because they sinch in the waist so the wideness of the bottom of the trouser evens out. Also my aim is to incorporate more navy into my wardrobe as a break from the harshness of the black. RRP €200, Sale Price €45.

L.K. Bennett Pointed Patent Flats

DSC_1501 (2).JPGDSC_1481 (2)

I love wearing dressy flats, especially ones that come to a point. I opted for grey instead of black as I think that it’s more versatile when it comes to matching it up with different colours. RRP €160, Sale Price €80.

Tommy Hilfiger Cardigan

DSC_1424 (2)DSC_1426 (2)

I bought this exact cardigan in January when I was last in the village, but it shrunk in the wash when it was thrown in with the wrong batch of clothing. I was so happy to see that it was still there as I actually did miss wearing it since I loved it so much. It’s safe to say that I will be making sure this one isn’t put in with the wrong batch. RRP €99.90, Sale Price €29.

Reiss Blouses in Cream & Burgundy

DSC_1431 (2)DSC_1441 (2)DSC_1455 (2)DSC_1460 (2)

When you find something that works buy it in all the colours you want. I have been searching for the right blouse for a very long time so when I saw this one I fell in love straight away. I bought both because I know that I will get the wear out of both. The burgundy was a part of the sale, but the cream was new in so I got one for sale price and the other for the outlet price. Burgundy RRP €170, Sale Price €54. Cream RRP €170, Outlet Price €120.

So if you are heading up to Kildare Village soon I would recommend getting the Kildare Village app just so you know if there is any extra discounts that you should be looking out for. Also sign up to be a Privilege Member, it’s free and you can receive extra little gifts along the way with it. Also go up with some form of POA too. I knew I needed trousers, tops and shoes and I told my mom not to let me buy more skirts or any dresses since I didn’t need any.

I hoped you all enjoyed this haul!

Stay Beautiful,

Much love,

Laura x


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