My Lash Lifting ‘LVL’ Experience// Lashes by Alina

We have all seen the videos that took over Instagram over a year ago of these girls getting lash lifting. Even though it looked like some form of torture in the thousands of videos, lash lifting blew up big because of the stunning results that were being seen. I decided at the beginning of the summer that I wanted to give it a go and last week I got the lash lifting treatment done. If you have been wanting the real, honest scoop on lash lifting this is where you will get it.

I booked my treatment and headed into ‘Lashes by Alina’ in Cork to pick up my patch test. I have to say that I have never picked up a patch test before to do myself at home, but I think that this is a really good way of getting a patch test done while keeping it convenient for the client.

After my patch test went well I went in for my lash lifting treatment a few days later. I would recommend having a meditation ready on your phone or listening to music as the treatment takes just under an hour to complete. I was super relaxed getting mine done, I’m pretty sure I even fell asleep.

Patch test kit

I can’t really say that I know the ins and outs of what was going on when I had my eyes closed, but basically what happens is that your lashes are held in place in an upright position back on your lid while various serum type solutions are added to them. I also got my lashes tinted to make them more pronounced.

When I finally opened my eyes at the end I was in a daze, this is mostly from dosing off during the treatment. When I could properly open my eyes to take a look in the mirror I was happy. My lashes looked very natural and feminine.

After LVL

My lashes are naturally thin, infrequent and flat so to have them curled and black was much more flattering on my eyes.

At first I didn’t believe that they would actually stay upright because whenever I curl my lashes they fall, but they are doing well so far, thankfully! You can’t put anything on them for the first 24 hours like water or mascara. I was given a serum type thing and a spoolie to apply to them for the first 3 days, I’m not sure what this was for, but I used it anyway.

The biggest test so far was seeing how they were after a night out, when I applied mascara and strip lashes on top of them. Thankfully they stayed upright and in-tact!

After mascara and strip lashes

Overall I am pleased so far with my lash lifting experience. I feel like I look much more awake in the mornings and during the day. It also has given me more confidence when I’m not wearing any make-up to feel comfortable.

My before and after pictures are nothing like the videos you see on Instagram and that’s because all of those girls already have naturally thick voluminous eyelashes so when they are curled they look even better. Taking into account how my natural lashes are I am very pleased with how they turned out.

I am a lover of the no make-up make-up look and I think that this is another way of just enhancing natural beauty.

The treatment was €69 and should last for 8 weeks. I will post an update either here or on my Instagram @lodlaur as to whether they hold for the 8 weeks, but so far I am pleased.

I would recommend this treatment to you if you are looking for a naturally enhanced lash. If big lashes is what you desire then lash extensions would probably be a better route for you.

After LVL (no mascara)

As for where I got them done in ‘Lashes by Alina’ in Cork, I can’t recommend it enough. The location is so convenient, the patch test was cleverly thought out and easy to use, I was treated in a kind and professional manner and I always felt at ease even though my eyes were closed for an hour.

So there you have it. Will your eyelashes look like the girls on Instagram? Probably not, unless you are one of them. However, will your lashes look natural and feminine? Yes.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer 🙂

Stay Beautiful,

Much love,

Laura x


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