5 Stand-out Trends for A/W 2018

Although we may not want to admit it the change of the season is creeping up on us and I am super excited (when am I not excited for the change of the season though). You know what this means, new trends and new ways of expressing yourself through clothing. Use trends as another way of finding out what your personal style is. If you see a trend that excites you and you want to hop on board go for it, but don’t feel obliged to follow a trend. Trends allow us to view our own style in different ways, but they shouldn’t ever change it, only enhance it. Following trends doesn’t have to be wasteful thing, you don’t even need to go shopping to follow a lot of trends since you probably have it in your wardrobe already.

1. All things AnimalBlog New Look.jpg

Whether it’s cheetah, leopard or zebra print you are looking for all of the retailers have it and much more. Animal print is a fun way to spice up an outfit and it can actually be very easy to slot into a more classic wardrobe. This 2 piece from New Look would be perfect for a night out and both could just as easily be worn during the day. Be wary when it comes to animal print however, it is notorious for slipping in and out of trend quickly. Keep it fun and simple to avoid the risk of it coming off as tacky.

2.Winter White

Blog White Boots.jpg

The trend of winter white goes further this year than the one white high necked sweater we see every year. If you want to rock winter white this year do it in the form of shoes and accesories. White statement drop earrings paired with white pointed slim heeled boots is the way to go about it if you are seeking that high fashion look. Here are some white boots from Tony Bianco these would give anyone shoe envy.

3. Wear the One Colour from H to T

Blog Burgundy 3.jpgBlog Burgundy.jpg

Not only does wearing the one colour from head to toe make you look longer, it will also make you look very high fashion this season. Mix fabrics and textures to keep things fun and don’t be too strict, mix different shades and tones of the same colour for some added dimension. Pair more free flowing garments with structured ones for a contrasted look. Top and trousers are both H&M.

4. Check, Tartan & Gingham

Blog Check 4.jpg

Now this is a trend definitely worth delving into. The geometrical prints are something that can be seamlessly added into a wardrobe and you might find that they are something that you didn’t know that you were missing. These guys can act as a block colour, but look like you put much more thought and effort into an outfit. Go for a blazer, coat or trousers and work it with block monochromatic colours for a simple chic look. This wool coat from Claudie Pierlot is definitely worth taking as inspiration.

5. Colour

Blog Colour

Don’t fret if you’re not quite ready to pack away your colourful pieces as it doesn’t seem like they will be going anywhere any time soon. Yes the usual, black, burgundy and grey will be everywhere this winter, but don’t feel the need to mirror the weather like some form of pathetic fallacy except with clothing. Fashion is evolving fast, so forget what you think you know and just go with it. And most importantly wear what you love and what you want to wear. This gorgeous Karen Millen Skirt would look fab this winter and all year round.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and are looking forward to the change of the season.

Stay Beautiful,

Much love,

Laura x


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