Why My Outfits For Freshers Were Not Fresh

In reading this title you might think that I didn’t wash my clothes for freshers, I did by the way, but that’s not what I’m referring to. There can be so much pressure put on us, especially on women, to wear a different outfit every single night out. It’s almost as if wearing the same dress out twice is taboo, which clearly is absolutely ridiculous. I promised myself that for Freshers Week 2018 that I wasn’t going  to buy any new night out outfits, but that I would wear something I already own or borrow from friends.

Not only is constantly having to buy new outfits costly it’s also non-sensical. Why would you buy something only to wear it once? We don’t have the same habits towards a pair of jeans so why is a dress any different? The amount of clothing that ends up in landfill is quite concerning and it is definitely avoidable.

If you are buying something new for a night out why not buy off swapping sites like Depop and Dress-up Market. This way you are not buying into something completely new, remember if there is not demand, there won’t be a supply.

If buying something through swapping sites is not your thing and you want something brand new, why not think before buying , will one of my friends wear this after me? or, will I wear this again? Try not to buy outfits just for the one occasion if possible.

So here is what I wore for my nights out for Freshers and also when I had originally worn them.


I originally bought this dress off pretty little thing for my 6th year graduation. I decided that it was time to whip it out again for Freshers.



I went for a half top and skirt combo for this look. This top I bought during the summer in New Look and I have definitely been getting my wear out of it, you’ll know this if you follow my Instagram. I borrowed the skirt from a friend (shout-out to you Marian) to complete the look.


I decided to wear the dress I wore to celebrate the beginning of summer at the end of semester 2 again. I love this dress and it is definitely a crowd favourite. It’s so comfortable and flattering. Anytime I see someone wearing it we always have a conversation about how easy it is to wear.


So there you have it. Wear your outfits twice or more and borrow clothes from your friends too. Closing the loop is better for the environment and your pocket. There is no shame in wearing something you love again and again.

Stay Beautiful,

Much love,

Laura x



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