What’s on Trend in London? // 4 Style Tips

I find it so interesting to look at the differences in trends between countries. Even if you compare Dublin and Cork, the way people dress is so different. From the small bits of travelling I do, I like to become inspired by that city’s fashion. It’s fun because it’s like playing dress up, like today I’m going to be inspired by London and tomorrow Milan. I think that travelling definitely influences personal style because I have found that I have tweaked the way I dress after Milan and then London. Here are 4 style tips that were everywhere in London.

  1. The bolder the better – While in Milan it was all about silhouette and keeping simple, London is all about going bigger and better. There shouldn’t just be one statement piece of clothing, every item of clothing should make it’s own statement and it should all come together, or not. DSC_1452 (2)
  2. Accessories – I don’t think that I saw one person without some form of statement earring. You could see gold hoops, extravagant drop earrings and everything in between. If your clothes aren’t larger than life your earrings definitely were. DSC_1603 (2)
  3. Youth – The great thing about London fashion is that there is always an element of youthful playfulness to it. Outfits were filled with colour and texture and people were certainly not afraid to shy away from experimentation. Funnily enough this expression of youth wasn’t just focused on people who are considered to be ‘young’, but every age could enjoy the playful form of self expression. DSC_1621 (2)
  4. Express yourself – It’s hard to pin point 4 style trends that are applicable to the whole of London since it is filled with diverse styles. One thing that I found is that a lot of Londoners just simply don’t care what other people are doing and what other people think. Every street you turned people were sending messages with their clothes and expressing themselves. The amount of diversity in styles was so refreshing to see. DSC_1569 (2)

DSC_1471 (2)DSC_1639 (2)

Top -Monki

Mesh Under top – Zara

Shorts – H&M

Trainers – Kurt Geiger Carvela- Lamar

Socks – Cos 

Hoops- Accesorize 

Glasses- Ray Ban

If you are from London or have visited recently comment below anything that you would like to add to the list, or is there anything that you would take away ?

Thank you to Ailbhe for taking the photos for me ❤

Have a fab week !

Stay Beautiful,

Much love,

Laura x


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