Why My Outfits For Freshers Were Not Fresh

In reading this title you might think that I didn’t wash my clothes for freshers, I did by the way, but that’s not what I’m referring to. There can be so much pressure put on us, especially on women, to wear a different outfit every single night out. It’s almost as if wearing the same […]


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This weeks post was scheduled to be an outfit post but in light of the news of the divestment bill passing I can’t let it go without writing about it. Ashes Sitoula If you didn’t already know, one of, if not the greatest passions of mine is the environment. Ever since I was young I […]

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How to Get Motivated

For me, summer is a season of opportunity. With more free time comes endless possibilities, but I find that too much free time can also be a curse. I know I am not the only one who plans grand things for a summer and never gets to fulfill them. We all have said ‘oh I’ll […]

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