Pumpkin Carving 

These are just a few snaps from my time pumpkin carving recently with the family, for anyone who is looking for last minute pumpkin inspiration or wants a boost of Halloween spirit 🙂 Happy Halloween from Michael, Fred and Winnie ( yes we named our pumpkins )have a wonderful day off and stay safe. Much […]

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The Importance of Privacy

Hello Everybody! This might seem like a little bit of a weird post but I have been thinking about this for ages and I feel like its something that has to be said. Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook including this blog are all internet platforms that I watch, like, subscribe on, on the daily. And […]

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From where I stand I see

The switch to cruelty free make-up so far has been pretty smooth, I am happy with the choice I have made and overall being happy with my choices is what’s important. I use the logical harmony list for the majority of products as well as reading labels. Clothing on the other hand has been much […]

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