My Day in Pictures #9

For someone who needs 8 hours of sleep at night to function, going out until 10:30pm is very convenient (Sorry that this one is a few days late)……………… Happy Monday ❤ ❤ Much love, Laura x Advertisements

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Pyjama Days

When is comes to consuming carefully, pijamas tend to be the clothes that will slip through the cracks and go unnoticed. Night-wear, generally, is viewed as more disposable compared to clothes we wear during the day, this is simply because we wear them at night and also very few people see them. When I was […]

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Are Lip Oils a New Trend?

Lip trends come and go and usually arrive and leave with the change of the season. So this poses the question, is wearing lip oils a trend ? I got my first lip oil before I started buying cruelty-free products (which was now over a year ago!) so this abolishes the idea that lip oils […]

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