How to Get Motivated

For me, summer is a season of opportunity. With more free time comes endless possibilities, but I find that too much free time can also be a curse. I know I am not the only one who plans grand things for a summer and never gets to fulfill them. We all have said ‘oh I’ll […]

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My 19th Birthday Make-up Look

Hello Everybody! Here is my 19th Birthday Make-up look ! It’s weird to think that this is my 3rd one of these since starting my blog, eeek. This year I decided to make a video of my birthday look. All of the products used in this video are also cruelty-free ❤ Enjoy!   Much love, […]

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Are Lip Oils a New Trend?

Lip trends come and go and usually arrive and leave with the change of the season. So this poses the question, is wearing lip oils a trend ? I got my first lip oil before I started buying cruelty-free products (which was now over a year ago!) so this abolishes the idea that lip oils […]

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