Why My Outfits For Freshers Were Not Fresh

In reading this title you might think that I didn’t wash my clothes for freshers, I did by the way, but that’s not what I’m referring to. There can be so much pressure put on us, especially on women, to wear a different outfit every single night out. It’s almost as if wearing the same […]


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Kildare Village Finds

If you live in Ireland you most likely know what Kildare Village is and have been or want to go there. It sounds too good to be true, luxury and high-end clothing, discounted less than the retail value all year round. I have been there a good few times now and it is safe to […]

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5 Must See Places in Milan

I compiled a list of 5 things that I would recommend you do if you ever decide to visit this fast-paced city of fashion. I have also included a few tips I wish I knew before visiting the city that should save you time, money and effort. 1.Duomo Milano This cathedral is world famous and […]

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